Tuesday, June 6, 2017

*REVIEW* Tenney's Banjo

Tenney's banjo is a great piece, $28.

 Tenney’s banjo is easy for her to hold and features strings to strum and a button to press that plays three original songs—it works with her amplifier too (sold separately). This set also includes a removable strap and a thumb pick.

Requires 3 AAA batteries.



  1. I love the Banjo. You did a great review. We don't have it yet. We purchased 2 guitars instead to start with for Tenny and Melody. The two are sister on Our house. And share everything including Melody Studio. Sure do hope to get them the Banjos for Christmas. Thanks for this wonderful review.

  2. In my want to want to boycott AG, I couldn't help but love the Tenney banjo and doll, but especially the banjo. It looks really well made and I love that it really works! When I see your reviews of Tenney and her collection it really makes me want to add a unique Gabby and Tenney to my collection soon. Hope they both get great holiday outfits. Maybe with all the extra money AG saved by not using a new doll for Gabby they can get her a really pretty holiday outfit for the fall lineup. I believe Tenney will have a winter outfit set.

  3. Love Tenney's banjo!! It's very cute and looks like tons of fun. The tunes are catchy. I bought both the guitar and banjo for future gifts (when kids are older and more responsible).