Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Z Yang's Scooter....

I noticed these two scooters look identical, only different colors.


  1. I have the scooter and when I saw Z's I noticed it looked like mine only a different color.

  2. I skipped this scooter last time it was available for Trulyme. So, I glad to have it now.

  3. They do look similar. The TM scooter two additional bars between the main bar and the bars that go to the back wheels. In addition, either the front wheel is smaller on Z's scooter or the wheel fork is longer than the TM scooter.
    I bought the TM scooter, when it went on sale, my daughters ended up not liking them. From what I can recall, they had problem keeping the doll in a certain position so that the hands stayed under the clear band. One of the bands eventually broke.