Friday, May 19, 2017

*REVIEW* Molly's (Yellow) Bed & Bedding

My husband surprised me with Molly's Yellow Bed and Bedding a few years ago.  I think he paid about $40.00 for it on sale.

This bed is bright and cheerful.  Molly's bed features turned wood spindles, which was a popular style in 1944. 

 The mattress is plush and the pillow is soft. 

The bedspread is a nice shade of yellow, with a dainty lattice print with tiny little soft blue flowers.  It is a well made piece of doll furniture.     



  1. Very nice. This bed is very pretty. I love the details and vivid color yellow. It looks do cheerful and doll-like that it is the perfect accessory for a coveted doll house.

  2. I bought this when it was on sale too. It is appropriate for the era but I always like Molly's red bed for Molly much better!

    I still think about painting mine!

  3. I really like this bed. Wish I had it! Madelon

  4. I love this bed, I want one to paint pink. Remind me of my Kids Jenny Lind Crib. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I have this and I love it! I originally didn't want it and really didn't like it, but slowly I began to realize that 1) it's a really good bed, wooden and all,and 2)It's Molly's bed from her grandparents house, which is great for more doll-story accuracy
    Then,the year after Molly and Emily retired, My mom surprised me with the bed that she also bought on sale. I'm so happy with it, I would recommend it to anyone who can find it!