Friday, May 12, 2017

*REVIEW* Mini Stereo Speaker - Dollar Store

These mini stereo speakers were $1 each at the dollar store.

Easily fits in her hand.

This is my favorite of the three.



  1. I've seen these for a few years and have thought to buy them, but haven't as of yet. Nice to know that the dolls can hold them! Thank you.

  2. name of dollar store dollar tree, 99cent, family dollar?

  3. These are so cute. I love Gabby's hair and how it just reflects the light very different from my TM 46 who's hair is thicker and more matte in appearance. There may be hope yet that I may be lucky enough to find one that is uniquely different from my TM 46. Your Gabby is very pretty so there may be hope that the new line of dolls may be different from TM 46 in hair, slightly darker face paint and molding. My husband is dying to find one that looks slightly different because he does not want me to give up on AG dolls. I wish him luck, but I think your Gabby is beautiful.

    1. Tricia,
      I don't like what the AG company did, and I voiced my opinion on AGFB. They should have just apologized and then fixed it. I am tring to remember that the company is a group of people, that will make mistakes. Since we all make mistakes, the most important thing is how they deal with or handle the mistakes. I think they are doing a terrible job handling their mistakes. People can change, and I hope and pray that these people do.

      The people in the company don't decide if someone will love the dolls. Like you said on another post, it is you, that decides to love the doll and think of the doll as the most special one ever. As I reflected on things that were said by you, I thought that I shouldn't ruin the experience for others that love Gabriela and believe that she is special. Even though she may look like TM 46, she isn't because she is Gabriela. Twins look alike, but they are different and each one is special. All of us love our dolls and think they are special for different reasons. Thank you for teaching me that. I hope that you will find your special Gabriela, GOTY 2017.

    2. Thank you. It is hard for me to discriminate against people so therefore it is also hard for me to understand prejudice on various levels. I hated the thought of not liking a doll due to the actions of a company, but in this case what the company did was so hurtful and wrong on so many levels. My parents always taught me that people are people no matter what color and dolls are dolls no matter what color. Of course my parents were concerned that at an early age I needed to see myself in dolls because at one point I had a classmate telling me that black was ugly and that I could not play with her friends. I had black dolls and white dolls and at times Asian Miko Barbie. But once my parents saw and heard this they made it their mission to seek out more black dolls to encourage me to think pretty. It worked, once it did they still bought dolls that were popular on the market which were white dolls. So I had both. I later at their age of five confronted the girl who said black was ugly only to find out that her father was black and mother white. Her father left and she did not know where he was. When she saw my father dropping me off and holding my doll I guess it struck a nerve. After I began feeling better her attitude changed because her words did not stop me from bringing my black dolls to school.

      My objective with AG is to let them know that what they did was wrong. Byou asking the public to overlook that they did not want to spend anymore money at the time developing a new black doll but could spend money on other dolls of various races. I was taught to love yourself for who you are but to also be cognizant of other races and cultures different of my own and to embrace diversity. This began with my dolls at an early age. Now as a consumer I have a chance to support Gabby as a black doll, but the way I go about it has to be fair even if what AG did was unfair. I know that at the end of the day I want to buy her because she is pretty and unique not just because I am trying to prove a point. If I don't buy her AG will say that is another reason for them not to invest in black dolls because even black consumers don't want to buy her. So therefore my husband says this is a catch 22 which desperate companies use. AG gets to save money and the consumer will buy either due to politics or want aka demand. For me I will let my husband pick out a Gabby doll, I have decided to speak out and write a letter to the board as a long time consumer. If we stop buying dolls of color than millions of girls will not see the beauty in diversity because it is there when we continue to offer it on a silver platter. But when we neglect to encourage diversity and fairness than it dwindles away and is hard to recover. Thank you for understanding and forgiving. At the end of the day we are people and AG is a company that like most companies neglect to see the value in people over dollars.

  4. Thanks for sharing. They are so cute.