Thursday, May 25, 2017

*REVIEW* Cecile's Summer Outfit

This by far has to be my favorite outfit out of all of my AG dolls!

This dress is canary yellow with baby blue, turquoise and white trimming. The yoke which is attached to the dress has a beautiful sheer layer. Underneath is a pretty yellow and white stripe design surrounded by sheer baby blue ruffled trim. This same trim is along the sleeve.

The waist is plain with a single turquoise bow with a nice cut at both ends reminding me of Samantha's famous hair bows of her time period.

This outfit came with shoes two tone white and black boots, socks and an adorable bonnet. 

The bonnet is just as cute as the dress. It has a turquoise ribbon for tying in the front. Ribbon has the same ends as the bow on the dress. The bonnet material overall is flexible and light tan in color. White ruffles frame there inside edge along with pretty faux flowers colored white and pink along the left side. 

The hair bows are baby blue in color and are from Walmart. I cut them to the length of Cecile's regular hair bows and complete the outfit.

Downside...the fabric of the dress feels slick and is thin like Felicity Christmas Dress. It also wrinkles easily and takes away from how pretty the dress truly is. 

I saw a review online of this dress and had to have it even though the review was mostly negative. This was the 1st outfit I bought for Cecile in 2012. I was lucky to get it right as it retired from stores. If hadn't seen it in a review, I would have let it pass me by.



  1. There you go again, making me want to get Cecil!😊

  2. Cecile's clothes are so beautiful. I also like this dress, the colors look really nice on her. My other favorite is her red dress. The hat for the yellow dress is really cute, with the flowers. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love Cecile and have this dress. I am glad that she had fancy clothes appropriate to her time period. Madelon