Sunday, May 21, 2017

*In Store Report* MLA - Canada

Was just at WalMart yesterday when I spotted some new MLA outfits--a few that I had seen online but never in Canada--

a Valentine's dress and a St. Patrick's Day outfit (a little late for both!), 
a cute Hawaiian grass skirt outfit and some new summer dresses and swimsuits. Still no clothes for the boys though! 

They also had the new BBQ set, new smoothie set, a new picnic set (which appeared to be a little different than last year's picnic set, I think--dishes are clear blue and it includes a blanket?) and a beach set. Weirdly, it is not the same beach set that is advertised online this year with the beach ball and beach mat. I bought that one a few months ago. 

This one contains a floppy sun hat, seashell sunglasses, a bucket, shovel, water bottle and a folding beach chair. A new set? Or the Canadian version? No idea! 

I didn't pick it up (girls were with me), but I will definitely go back to purchase this set. Looks perfect for our beach scenes this summer!
Had to share.
-Robin :)


  1. Love the beach set and the shamrock outfit!!

  2. I especially love those accessories. It is so hard to find them in our Walmart. It takes weeks for them to restock. Thanks for sharing! Madelon

  3. I Love the Beach Set. And new Picnic Set, with blue instead of Green Plates and Cups. Those two sets are some fabulousness.