Thursday, April 6, 2017

*REVIEW* Caroline's 3-Panel Parlor, Bed and Skiff

Caroline’s family spends time together in their elegant parlor, featuring a built-in bookshelf, fireplace, and window overlooking the bay. Your girl can rearrange the walls for different playtimes.

 The center wall features a mantle and a make-believe fireplace that really lights up.

A built-in wall shelf features pull-out drawers, plus a hutch that’s perfect for displaying Caroline’s treasures. A model ship with real cloth sails. A painted horse figurine and a metal candlestick.

Window seat with yellow cushion that opens up for storage with a reversible backdrop, window, and white lace curtain against a pale blue backdrop with white trim. 

Caroline can sleep sweetly in her elegant wooden bed. It features:
Four turned posts and a lacy white canopy, popular styles in her day
  • A butter-yellow, wool-blend bedspread is embroidered with a delicate floral pattern 
  • A tufted mattress and soft pillow rest on ropes instead of springs. If the ropes loosened, Caroline would have pulled them to “sleep tight”

Papa built this beautiful wooden skiff at the family’s shipyard—Caroline loves to go sailing with him on Lake Ontario. Papa even named the boat “Miss Caroline” after her—and painted it right on the side! 

True to her era, it features:
Two seats to fit a pair of dolls, plus a mast with a canvas sail.


  1. The bed is beautiful! I regret not buying it when it was on sale. I got the Addy bed instead that year. I figured it would also work for Caroline. The parlor is beautiful too and I love it! AG offered so much with Caroline pieces. I miss that, I do think it's okay to say what you miss about dolls. Nowadays if you say that people think you are not loyal to a particular company, but when I see these pieces of doll items and not so many pieces of doll items now it does make me miss the older collections. Thank you for sharing these items.

    1. I agree. I think that AG did a great job with Caroline's collection. I did not buy her birthday food. I wish I had it, but it seemed too high. I think it had a porcelain/ceramic pitcher. After her collection, there was more and more plastic. My husband paid full price ($175) for the skiff as a Christmas gift thinking I would return it and get the girl of the year on 1/1. I kept the boat. I have Caroline's table and chairs, too. Would love to see another great room-maybe for Nanea? Madelon

  2. Thanks for posting this. It is some of my favorite furniture. I waited for the three piece furniture set to go on sale. I paid either $130 or $160 reduced from $300. Madelon

  3. So pretty. I have rhis set and I love it.

    1. Thank you! This set is very versatile. Madelon

  4. Caroline seemed like such a popular character and doll, and her collection looked really cool. I wonder why AG retired her so quickly?

    I love seeing pictures of dolls taken in Caroline's parlor. It photographs beautifully! -Belle

  5. I also have Caroline's Parlor. It is my favorite of the AG furniture. I bought it at half price ($150). The picture over the fireplace is reversible, displaying a mirror on the other side. I do not have the bed or table and chairs, but would have loved to have gotten them!

  6. I love Caroline's collection too. My daughter just started her AG collection a few years ago and I'm so glad we got Caroline before she retired. I have since found a few more of her items on ebay. Tell me more about the dress she is wearing in those pictures - I love it!