Wednesday, April 12, 2017

MORE DIY - Fun Doll Sized Easter Ideas!

I bought this on sale for $14.97


Some more Easter ideas.

Decorative tin with bunnies for a retro feel.

Add a pipe cleaner to make a basket handle or leave as is.

The chalkboards are magnets.

Just the right size.

A ceramic bunny painted dark brown looks like a chocolate rabbit in an Easter basket.



  1. Thanks, Ticia, for alerting me to the sale price of the apron! Madelon

    1. You are welcome. I really like these baskets and the tin is my favorite. I have to try some of these for next year.

    2. The tin one is kind of in the style of Kit's lunch pail. I need to be like the stores and do my Easter photography six months before Easter. I seem to run out of time each year. Madelon

  2. Love your chocolate bunny! It came out so cute!