Monday, April 10, 2017

DIY Doll Easter Baskets - Tutorial

Last year my Eldest was eating her breakfast and thinking about dolls.  "Mommy! What if we used the empty yogurt cups and made Easter baskets for our dolls?" And that's how this project got started and is turning into a tradition for our family.

What you need:
Empty yogurt cups (we prefer Dannon Oikos Greek. BONUS: this year the cups are clear!)
Pipe cleaners
Decorations (stickers,ribbons,tiny jewels, buttons, feathers, etc.)
Glue dots
Easter grass (or tissue paper)
* Large nail or screw (to make the hole for the pipe cleaner handle)
* Cuticle scissors or seam ripper

* Adult supervision/assistance required

1) Once you are done eating your yogurt, clean out the container and remove the wrapper from the yogurt cup using cuticle scissors or a seam ripper.
2) Decorate the Easter Basket however you'd like!
3) Use the large nail or screw to poke holes on either side for the handle. Adult Supervision or Assistance required!
4) Insert the pipe cleaners and fold ends over for a secure hold
5) Fill with Easter grass or tissue paper
Your doll Easter basket is ready for the Easter bunny!!
If you want to make smaller baskets for dolls like the WellieWishers, you can use empty applesauce or fruit cup containers. They are a thicker plastic though, so please be careful when poking holes for the handles.


Bonus - Once the Easter season is over, you can easily remove all/most of the decorative items and save for another project.  The yogurt cups can be recycled!

We hope you enjoyed our Easter basket project!

(Last pictures are some of our Easter baskets from last year. Last year we used tissue paper instead of Easter grass)


  1. That is a really fun idea! Madelon

    1. Thanks Madelon!

      It's a fun and inexpensive project for the kids and their friends. And it really helps get them through the doldrums of the final dreary winter weeks.

      This way every doll can have an Easter basket (and I don't have to worry about storage). Win win win!

  2. I love Logan's reindeer sweater!!! Did you make it? Sharon

    1. I wish I were so talented. It actually was purchased through Harmony Club dolls. It came with the sweater, a hat, scarf, brown pants, and white fuzzy booties. I think I got the ensemble for $7.95 on sale!

  3. Thanks! The kids really do enjoy it.