Saturday, April 1, 2017

DIY Addy's Trunk

Addy's (1993) Trunk $159 was modified in 2007 then retired 2012.

 Wooden trunk with lid. Two handles on either side. Black nail and iron trim. Linings of Harper's Weekly newspaper on lid and interior. Lift out tray with round ends; "secret compartment" under wood panel on tray can be pressed open to lift off cover for three small compartments. Interior has two compartments.

 The trunk originally had black iron hinges and a black latch and wood-peg with cord closure. In 2007, the trunk was modified. The lid was later modified to lift completely off and has two handles for opening. The front closure was modified into a purely decorative latch.
-AG wiki

Michael's has ready to finish wooden trunks in various sizes. The original six girls from the American Girl collection each had one. I recreated smaller versions of both Felicity's Travel Trunk and  Kit's Dresser Trunk.

Addy's trunk measures W: 23" x H: 12" x D: 11".

I would love to own Addy's trunk. For those of you who want a DIY project, this may be a more affordable option. If you have the ORIGINAL trunk or a DIY version, please submit a review for readers to enjoy.


  1. I LOVED those trunks, I seriously was thinking of buying a Kirsten trunk off eBay--someone was selling a Kirsten with a lot of clothes, accessories and a trunk, all in wonderful condition, but my daughter was desperate for Tenney and not really into the idea of Kirsten, so I got her the Tenney doll and didn't bid. It went for around $200, which was the biggest bargain ever and I'm kicking myself that I didn't buy it and put it away. Probably would have started a bidding war, but someone got a bargain and I hope a child is enjoying that doll and her stuff. Not that I can really afford that for nothing, but I'll never see that again. Anyway, I was thinking I could make a trunk myself, I love the idea of painting the Scandinavian patterns. My daughter really needs more options for storing her AG stuff. Or maybe I'll just paint a small dresser, I had a dresser with Scandinavian decoration as a child (my great-grandmother was born in Sweden and it was hers before me.)

  2. I like all the older dolls. My daughter likes Elizabeth. We had been watching eBay, off and on, and found one that came with some outfits. There have been times when I watched the bidding and kicked myself; however, I did find Elizabeth and I got a better deal, so don't give up.

    Addy's pink dress in the last picture is so beautiful.

    Thank you for the DIY. They give me inspiration and encouragement to take on projects.