Friday, March 31, 2017

*NEWS* AGFB - Foreign Advertisement Tenney Grant as "GOTY"

Image: Renee


  1. I'm frustrated and saddened by this. It's becoming very clear that our real GOTY was a last minute plan B with Tenney and Logan acting as a safety net.

  2. Yes...I was reminded by my family that this is not worth my money. As much as I love Gabby, AG did not put in any effort behind making her special. It became very clear to a lot of disappointed fans who were all too happy for an African American GOTY. Secrets out!

  3. I saw this on Facebook the other day and figured, aha, the proverbial cat is out of the bag. No surprise, really, but sadly telling. This is one of the reasons I have no interest in Tenney. I can't help feeling like she's stealing Gabriela's spotlight. AG should have put everything they had, wholeheartedly, into Gabriela. To paraphrase a famous film, if you make it right, they will come. Offer one exceptionally made doll, with exceptional accessories, and maybe you won't feel like you have to hedge your bets. Sad.

    --Michele Grace

  4. Also, is Gabriela in Kohl's, too? Last year, it was the girl of the year Lea who was in Kohl's. I have only seen photos of Tenney in Kohl's not Gabriela. Madelon

    1. I work at Kohl's. The only display I have seen is the Tenny display. I was surprised and a little disappointed by this because Gabriella is supposed to be girl of the year. We also had gotten a new shipment of Wellie Wishers dolls including some of their new accessories. My daughter and I don't plan on getting any of these newer dolls. She has always been drawn to the historical characters. We went to the DC stote last weekend for the first time and she picked Mary Ellen. She will probably get Melody next time we save up .