Monday, March 6, 2017

*REVIEW* Felicity's BF Accessories

Felicity can top off her outfit with the perfect accessories for a summer stroll through 1770s Williamsburg:
  • A hat with ribbon trim
  • A mob cap to wear under the hat
  • A fischu to protect her neck from the sun
  • A pretty beaded necklace

Her accessories $28 are very nice. The teal in the hat doesn't match so well with her original meet dress, but the quality is terrific.

I did order her BF dress and will be doing a review. I will pair this with it so it can be seen altogether.


  1. I couldn't decide between purchasing an early Pleasant Company Felicity or the new Felicity. After some frustrating moments on ebay, I bought the new Felicity from AG. I am very pleased with her. Her face is the same, but also a little different. She is just as lovely as the earlier version of Felicity. Although I was worried about the quality, I think she is fine. Her face is not squishy and the new body doesn't feel that much different from the older bodies. She does have the zip tie instead of strings, but then so does my 1993 Addie.

    Her dress is stunning, especially with the accessories. I am very glad that I purchased her.


  2. How does the necklace compare to the older one? Are the pearls the same? They look a little plasticky to me... maybe it's because I made my own pearl necklace from beads bought at Michael's that have a beautiful shimmer, but I was a little disappointed with the necklace.

    1. Yes, it is very plasticky. The color is more vibrant than Saige's bracelet.

    2. Thank you for this review. It was very helpful. I did not get Felicity back when she debuted and so I did not get the necklace. But I was wondering about it and how it compares to the new one. I hope she gets more in her collection because I really like her undergarments and meet accessories. Not sure I will buy the accessories yet or the meet dress but I love how they reintroduced her. So far her clothes look amazing!

    3. I can agree that the new necklace appears much more plasticky and has more of a pearlescent sheen than the original meet necklace. Also, the new one seems more orange rather than red. The old one has a clasp that tends to snag on the hair, but I still prefer the more natural looking beads. I'm hoping to find out if her new undergarments are compatible with older outfits and PC dolls. I know they don't have the pockets this time around, but I'd like to know if the roll is a benefit to make the outfits appear more accurate to the time period--or if it even fits. -- Jen

  3. She looks beautiful. Madelon

  4. In love with how you dressed Felicity. I am trying to find the dress you have on her. I have Purple and White Meet Dress and a extra of the same if anyone ever wantsince to trade for one. I love the Purple and White, and I love this one too. Very, very good review. I have a Pleasant Company Felicity Merriman and Hope-Faith to add this one with all her accessories. Thank you for your review.