Wednesday, February 15, 2017

*In Store Report* TM, BB and WW New Releases - AGP Atlanta

BIG thank you to Diana for bringing us this new releases report.

There's the dress!



  1. Thanks Diana!!

    The BB eyelet dress is so sweet. My kids would get it dirty so fast though :/

    I like the new TM tankini bathing suit; is there a girl sized version as well? Normal packaging, or the new sewn-in packaging?

    Not sure what the kids' reaction to the new WW items will be. Most of the accessories are way overpriced for us, but we've gotten all the outfits so far. It'll be interesting to see if these join our family this year.

  2. Hate the New Truly Me Matching Girl/ Doll Set, looks cheap like Ross one time clear outfit. Never going buy it. Looks like it will be Dollie and Me Brand will get My Money this Year. Love, the Ballet Outfit, something I can put on Gabby #46justlikeyou and Gabriela GOTY 2017 Truly Me Swimming Suits are cutex if the have matching for girls, if not it will v Walmart or Target Doll swimming gear this year for the Doll's.

  3. Can wellie wishers sit as seen in the last picture?
    Love the Easter dress and basker

    1. Ours cannot. That's a good question. How did they get Emerson in the tub like that?