Friday, January 13, 2017

*REVIEW* Purple Heart Dance Set - MLA

Have fun with Walmart's Purple Heart dance set.

The heart and colors remind me of Gabby and 
I added the shrug to the warm up outfit.

The leotard only touches her fabric body.

With AG pieces.

With her meet shoes.


  1. Boy the heart on the MLA outfit looks just like Gabriela's signature heart.

    The purple and silver are very complimentary to Gabriela.

    1. I thought that too! Madelon

  2. I love it. Hope to get it. Very good that the black only touches her fabric. Thank you for the awesome review.

    1. You are very welcome. Madelon

    2. I agree, love those colors on her. Even though the purple sequin outfit has the same color scheme, the purple is too dark, IMO. I'm really not a big fan of the meet shoes. I didn't like them with the Recess Ready Outfit either.
      When I sold Discovery Toys, we were told that the factories in China will take ideas and molds from others, like Fisher Price, Hasbro or Mattel, and create toys that would be sold under the Way-mart label or other generic toy labels. This past Christmas, one of our retail stores, was selling 11" princess dolls and they looked so similar to the Disney princess dolls, even the clothing, for a fraction of the cost. I have heard that stealing ideas is a problem in the factories in China.