Saturday, January 14, 2017

*REVIEW* OG Ginger's Read and Play Set

Target Store brand Our Generation listed this set on sale before Christmas.  I ordered two of these sets and together they  were under $34. Ironically they both came in a box, not held together by thread. Instead the items were in plastic.  The red plastic shoes look shinier on their box cover than they actually are. 

The chapter book that came with this set even comes with its own bookmark!  

The dress is red with 3 layers of fabric. Dress comes with plastic red shoes with a plastic bow. 

The headband is a black band with red, circular looking poppy  flowers with a black bead in the center. It also comes with a silver necklace with a faux diamond like jewel. 

I compared it with the 2015 holiday  Joyful Jewel Dress...I think that is the name. It is on Kanani. This dress has two layers and was bought for $36.00. The dress came with faux patent leather black shoes with a working strap 

along with a faux satin covered headband with jewel detail in the shape of an angel. This set also came in a box surrounded by AG classic brand tissue paper.

Both dresses are beautiful! The material on the AG dress is nicer in fabric and thicker quality. But the price of OG is great! AG listed their Joyful Jewel dress on sale after Christmas in 2015 into 2016. 



  1. Those are beautiful dresses. OG is really making some very nice clothes.

    AG already has a solution to the doll packaging. Remember when Caroline was sold in Costco. The original AG box was inside another box/sleeve. The box/sleeve had a full view window, and the top of the AG box was on the outside of the bottom of the AG box. So AG already has a solution, they just don't want to use it. The CEO has chosen to go down a different path.

  2. OG dress no where as nice and I was able to get the AG version for just a few dollars ars more than OG's on sale. OG dress really looks and feels a lot cheaper though I don't think this was one of AFs best efforts.

  3. I have both dresses and like them both. OG's quality has improved quite a bit over the last few years. If American Girl continues to use the packaging that it has used for Gabriela, their clothes will have holes in them and will be less nice. Madelon