Saturday, January 14, 2017

*NEWS* Sneak Peeks of Tenney Grant and Felicity Merriman

I have seen Tenney Grant and Felicity on social media. 

 A gentle reminder that posting any AG images prior to release date violates AG copyrights.

And though I can not post the images here, I can describe them.

Tenny's box is like that of GOTY17 Gabriela's. It's blue and has TENNEY Grant on the front with her book image. She has long blond hair with freckles and looks like TM #24 the most.

She wears a peach top with a maroon bird in flight on it along with a faded denim vest, a maroon flared short skirt that has sheen to it. Not sure if it's satin like or faux leather and brown boots.

Felicity is wearing this dress and has slightly darker auburn hair with what looks like more olive colored eyes. She does have the pin curls in front and feathered brows. 

Read an excerpt of her book.


  1. Thank you for sharing. Any word on whether either have a collection? Madelon

  2. The picture of Tenny that I saw her hands are very different. The left one has a large space between the thumb and 1st finger ( to fit maybe the neck of guitar) and the right hand the thumb and 1st finger looked closer together. This is going to make her hard to resist!! Sharon

  3. So excited about Tenny and the new Felicity. I am hoping that all rumours are true. I really want to see an AG 18" boy doll.

  4. I was disappointed in her Meet outfit. Also I hate that she is in a box like Gabriel's.

  5. I NEED to know the style of packaging for Felicity. Is it like GOTY2017 or like the typical BF? I want to know if Felicity is in the horrid new style doll box and her clothing accessory items are sewn onto the packaging. Thank you!