Friday, January 27, 2017

*REVIEW* Melody's Christmas Outfit

Melody is ready to sing carols and celebrate Christmas in this fancy outfit. This A-line dress features golden embossed satin in a lacy pattern with satin ribbons and bows, while a pair of ivory tights, shiny black shoes with velvet bows, and a golden satin headband finish her shining holiday look.

WOW! Just wow!

Melody looks AMAZING in this!

I took photos with and without the flash so you can see the sheen of this dress.

The sleeves are 3/4 length. I think Ivy would look adorable in this dress too.

The details are beautiful. It fits snug. It does velcro in back.

I highly recommend this outfit. Any doll can wear it, as I said earlier Ivy or even Julie.


  1. I bought this outfit. It is really pretty. Melody wore this dress for Christmas 2016 and she was beautiful.

  2. We put it on Lea and it looks fabulous! I would highly recommend this dress as well.

  3. The outfit is beautiful! The golden tone of the fabric looks so beautiful on Melody. Melody is a beautiful doll. AG did a great job designing her and her collection.

  4. This outfit is by far one of my favorites in the Beforever line. Addy's school outfit and Julie's tunic outfit are my favorite. This outfit is pulling on my heartstrings due to the stockings...always a win win and the shoes are so classy Sunday best. It looks so cute on your Melody. Plus the dress and headband is an added bonus for their price and great quality. Hope AG will make more quality outfits like this one. Your Melody is Adorable!

  5. What a beautiful dress! Such a pretty golden color. I really like the headband too!

  6. So pretty! Since it fits snugly, Will it not fit PC Addy?