Saturday, January 28, 2017

*REVIEW* Maryellen's Birthday Dress

Maryellen gets a beautiful surprise for her birthday—her bridesmaid dress, all finished and ready to wear for her variety-show performance! It has a wide neckline, rows of gathered tulle, and a pleated sash with a pink corsage decoration. The outfit includes a green headband to hold her hair and shiny dark-pink shoes with white bows.

Here is a photo without the flash. The green is softer, but it was a rainy day so I had to use the flash for this review.

I have been wanting this outfit since Maryellen debuted. Here she is wearing the dress without a crinoline. BIG disappointment - AG TAG on thin headband. I had to wrap it around several times then tuck it behind her hair.

I recommend this outfit, it is so 50s and so pretty. The color looks amazing on Maryellen and though I would have wished for MORE ruffles, I am happy that AG did make a fancy dress for her.

Maryellen is looking to see whats for her birthday dinner.

*NOTE* See the AG TAG on the headband???

I am really enjoying her retro fridge and kitchen set.

This outfit (and refrigerator) is a MUST HAVE!


  1. I have one word for this dress: AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I just got this dress for my Maryellen, too, and I love it. I know it's not great for collector/resale value, but I ended up cutting the tag off the headband -- just didn't want to fight with it. (They made it a little difficult to do that, too.) I can't imagine why they'd put such a huge tag on that delicate little headband. But yes, the color is amazing on her, and the green is gorgeous with her eyes. Thanks for a lovely review of a stunning dress!

    --Michele Grace

  3. We love Maryellen's collection! Maryellen in that dress started my daughter's AG passion. Before we even knew there was a 50s character, she saw a little red-haired girl in a green dress in the AG catalogue in Fall 2015, and it was love at first sight! The dress is so beautiful, and the crinoline just adds that little extra.

  4. I agree with your fabulous/honest review and was so lucky to have been gifted this adorable dress, which truly requires the crinoline to look right. It's absolutely perfect for Maryellen and I never want to take it off her!

  5. I think the refrigerator and dress will be next on my list! Madelon

  6. We love Maryellen's birthday dress, it's one of my favorites. Totally worth the money. Unfortunately, my daughter's cat has a thing for tulle and chewed up a bunch of the ruffles. ARG! I may take it apart and resew the ruffles at some point, if I can find some fabric that would work. But I have to ask, WHERE did you get the fabulous 50s era kitchen that's sized for 18" dolls??

    1. Thank you, here's the review