Sunday, January 15, 2017

*NEWS* Express Yourself with Gabriela - Activity Book + Mini Doll


Inspired by Gabriela and her story, this book shows every girl how she can make creative items for her doll in both the performing and visual arts. Whether it is sidewalk art, a ballet studio, or a flash mob, this book has it all to help her doll express herself and truly shine! Includes: artistic backgrounds, mural art to color in, signs, punch-out phone speakers, and more! $24.99

(TBA) This 6-inch mini doll brings the world of Girl of the Year® 2017 to life on a smaller scale. She arrives wearing an outfit inspired by her stories. Plus, she comes with a miniature abridged version the first book in her series. $24.99

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  1. I really like these GOTY activity books, they're great if you can't get any accessories and whatnot.