Thursday, December 1, 2016

*REVIEW* BeForever Samantha Combo - Costco

 These are photos of my newest doll from Costco.  The package includes a Beforever Samantha Parkington in her meet outfit, a book Party Dress and Fancy Coat Set.  

Inside the box was a coupon for 50% off Samantha's accessories.  

The paperback book is titled Manners and Mischief, A classic featuring Samantha.  The book's story is the same as the original Meet Samantha book,  without the pictures and the Looking Back America In 1904.

In  Chapter six , the story is the same but the title is changed from "A Fine Young Lady" to " A Sense of Value.  My original Meet Samantha book stops with chapter six and Looking Back, with a peek into the next book,Samantha Learns A Lesson.  I do not own Samantha Learns a Lesson, but believe the Beforever book continues the same story.       

 LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the coat and hat and gloves and the party dress!!!!  The coat has just a touch of Velcro at the neck and under the button on the belt.  The other three buttons actually button!!!!  My husband likes the meet dress best, but my favorite is the red party dress! 

This is my first new Samantha.  My other three are Pleasant Company and have been pre-loved. 

 I think each one looks a little different.



  1. Great Share. Thank you. Love your post. I want that Holiday Dress and Coat with Gloves. Fabulousness.

  2. Wow, they all look a little different, you're right! What a nice set to add to your collection. :)

  3. Your Samantha dolls are beautiful! I really like the new holiday dress in this Costco set.

  4. This is a beautiful set! Madelon

  5. The doll set was $119.99 plus tax.😊

  6. Interesting that the red dress changed from plaid to solid.

  7. What accessories can you buy with the coupon? Madelon

  8. Madelon, the accessories you can buy with the coupon is only her headband, locket necklace and purse. The regular price would be $24.00, which I personally think is too much. With the coupon, the price would be $12.00.