Wednesday, November 30, 2016

*REVIEW* OG Sleigh

 The Our Generation Sleigh Retail Price $39.99 

What is included: Sled, harness shafts, harness, trunk, lantern, thermos, mittens, blanket, and pillow.

 The sleigh is a hard plastic with metal rails and poles, that connect the sleigh and horse. The lantern lights up, but not very bright.

 It isn’t wide enough to fit (2) 18” dolls. Might be able to fit and 18” and Wellie Wisher. We had a problem with the dolls staying upright in the seat, but putting the pillow behind the doll helped. It could also be that the doll’s limbs aren’t at tight. I’ll be looking into attaching some decorative rope between the hearts to keep the dolls more secure in the seat and to add a bit more decoration. I thought I saw small bells at Hobby Lobby, so I’m going to be loo for those to attach to the harness shafts.  With the rails being metal, and us having tile floor, I will be looking for something to put on the bottom of the rails, so that we don’t scratch them up.  

The thermos fits nicely in the doll’s hand. The blank is a faux fur. The back side of the pillow is sherpa. Very nice set. (The website now lists it as 20% off with code). Since the American Girl horses are a little trimmer in the middle, the harness fits and is a smidgen big. The back of the sleigh has a drop down shelf, that the trunk sets on. There is also space underneath the seat to store the pillow and blanket. 

Overall we LOVE the set. It is a great purchase for the money.


  1. Wow! That isn't a bad price, considering AG's carriage is 275 dollars!

  2. I enjoyed your review! Thanks for sharing this information with us. I would love to add it to our collection. Madelon

  3. Very nice. Thank you for sharing?

  4. a few years ago I bought carriage from TRS for 69.00 was the same size of AG only in white and blue. Hope they bring it back much larger then OG 2 dolls sit together.

  5. I'm very impressed with OG lately. The prices are very reasonable and quality is very good as well. You get a lot more for your money than with AG. I do prefer the AG dolls, but OG offers an excellent variety of accessories and outfits...add in the sales that Target has had lately and you definitely cannot go wrong! Thank you for the up close pictures and details on the sleigh!

  6. I like that. It's too bad that it isn't very wide though.