Monday, December 12, 2016

*NEWS* WW Playful Garden Washtub - Online Listing

This is an online auction listing for Wellie Wisher Playful Garden Washtub.

The Wellie Wisher is wearing a swimsuit as well.


  1. I love it. Please making matching sets. I refuse time buy match clothes, because they only go to 7, and I but bigger 8 to 10 so it last two years in all matching Doll and Girl Clothes but I would splurge on matching swimming gear, in size 6x or 7

  2. The Welliewishers garden tub is too cute! Love the hedgehog boot cleaner. I am thinking I could find a similar tub at the dollar store or plant nursery and use scrapbook paper for the floral detail. I wonder what the price point will be. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. The box says that it also makes bubbles, I think the bubble maker is the flower on the fence. Looks so cute.