Tuesday, December 13, 2016

*NEWS* GOTY 2017 Silhouette

@americangirlcupcake13 posted a silhouette image of GOTY 2017. The image has been circulating on AGIG.

LADL is flooded with questions on DOC (rumored name Gabriela McBride) GOTY 2017. I can not post images due to AG copyright. She has long curly dark hair, she wears denim leggings, a light blue/green shirt under a purple crop sweat shirt that says dream.


  1. I can't wait to get her. But I hope she has a cuter outfit,then, I have seen.

  2. Long curly dark hair and wears denim leggings? She sounds like my mini-me! LOL. Where is the image, if you can say? Can't wait to see her!

    --Michele Grace

  3. Cannot wait to see Her. Berry Members should get a Sneak Peek.