Wednesday, November 2, 2016

18th Century Doll Clothing *Resource*

My little Felicity is a lot of fun, her wardrobe is entirely Pleasant Company though I do not have ALL of her outfits.

I'm not a "purist", if I see something I really like I'll get it for my dolls. I found a beautiful etsy shop with gorgeously detailed clothing for Felicity and I wanted to pass the resource on to you.

Creations from Williamsburg Rose©, while made for play value, are based on real 18th century clothing in their construction and trimming. Real silks, satins, linen, laces and passementarie (fancy trims) are used to create beautiful and well-made doll clothes that will last for play and display.

Each of our especially color co-ordinated collections has its own unique character and style, including a variety of clothing and accessories highlighting fashions of the 18th century.

From a Daytime outfit to an elegant Ball Gown, each one-of-a-kind wardrobe comes complete with a matching assortment of accessories, from shoes to caps. No two collections will ever be made the same - each is an exclusive group of fabrics, colors and textures!



  1. The clothes are beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Madelon

  2. The large buckle shoes are reading the most realistic to me.