Sunday, October 16, 2016

*REVIEW* AG Visual Guide Book - Costco

 This is the Costco version of the American Girl Ultimate Visual Guide Book by DK. In Costco it sells for $14.99 

The cover opens up into a poster.

Inside of the back cover is a pocket that contains press-out pets and accessories. 

There are some pets on the cards that I don’t recall seeing. One looks like a German Shepherd and the other not sure what breed. It has a purple bandana. I’m surprised they didn’t put Coconut on the cards. There was also a picture of a cute kitten in the book,  that I don’t recall seeing. 

Overall the book is really nice. The book has information on the history of American Girl company, some information on the process of creating the dolls, introducing some of the employees in the company, and an interview with Valerie Tripp (part of the bonus section for the Costco edition). The information on each doll (BeForever and Girl of the Year) is a summary with some tidbit information and some information on a few of the accessories.My disappointment is that not all of the accessories and outfits were included, especially the older ones. The friend dolls for the BeForever line are also in the book. The Truly Me section is nice, but I would have much rather seen the older accessories that American Girl made.Maybe the could have made the grouping different like they do online, such as Furniture, Hobbies, Fashion Accessories, Pets, etc.  Most of the items featured are ones that are currently available, or ones that were available a couple years ago. However, I’m sure they had to a lot of information and a limited amount of pages. My daughters really enjoyed looking through it. I may get a second one so that each has one as their own to collect. 


  1. The dog with the purple bandana is Kailey's dog. The grey kitten is available at Costco and so is the German Shepard

  2. Ella is right. The name of Kailey's dog is Sandy. - Niki

  3. We got this book as a gift from.@agwithsprinkles from Instagram. We are in love with it.