Sunday, October 2, 2016

*In Store Report* TM, GOTY Lea, BF Items - Costco

My local Costco had a flood of American Girl items arrive. There was already a bracelet and tutu craft kit, but now there's the BeForever mini doll and book sets--Melody included--activity book kits, but most importantly, a horse set! This was in Federal Way, about twenty-five miles south of the Seattle city line. In case the picture on the horse set is a little difficult to read, it's priced at $49.99. I've never paid much attention to the horses, but the quality looks great!

The activity book kits included a beach picnic set for Lea, a pet clinic set, a boutique set, and a school set. My favorites were the school and Lea sets, as they seemed to have the best value for what was included. I believe they were $24.99. Seems a bit steep for a 32-page book and a handful of accessories. The mini doll and book bundles are $39.99--equals out to about the full cost of the mini doll and the books at half-price. 

Sorry for the glare in the photos; Costco doesn't have the most ideal lighting. Good hunting!
Jen G

New at Costco $39.99



  1. Thanks Diana. My local Costco (on the east side of WA state) has most of the same items. They also had the t-shirt and duffle bag with the stamps. We don't have the sleepover set, as of Saturday. We did have AG Megabloks. The horse is the one they sold in Costco back in the spring. Maybe the pictures of it compared to AG Palomino horse are still on LADL. We are very pleased with it, especially for the price.

  2. Very nice sets. Thank you for the pictures. The pj's look new for the Truly Me line.

  3. Good to know. I feel a bit cheated by American Girl as I paid full price for the Explore with Lea book shortly after it came out on June 23. Three months later it is repackaged with more accessories in a different store? Would rather the full package have been offered originally. Madelon

    1. You can return your store items for up to a year. They keep track of your purchases so you don't need the receipt. I'd buy the new set remove the new book and return it. Also if you need to return it you can ship media mail since it's only a book.

  4. I like the sleepover set much better than the horse... but, it's probably better this way. -- Jen

  5. I want the Book set. It is a fair deal.

  6. I really wanted a second Mini Melody, so this is a perfect way to complete my book set. I can donate the extra book 1 to my Daughters School