Sunday, October 2, 2016

*In Store Report* MLA....Food Truck

The food truck is made entirely of plastic. It's a cute concept.

LOTS of food!

The awning lifts up.

There are no buttons, bells or whistles. Horn does not work.

The front hood pens up into a cooler for drinks. I think this a great item because you get a vehicle plus food. The only thing is PINK. The OG truck is powder blue (better for boy dolls).

In Store VIDEO


  1. I will never give them 100 for the truck. They are getting greedy. I would pay 69.99 maximum.

    1. I agree that $100 is too much. Our Generation has two color ice cream trucks that could be converted to food trucks-or one could be a food truck and one an ice cream truck. I think that the OG truck is stronger. I purchased the ice cream bicycle cart for $40, which I think is on the high end. Madelon

  2. $100? I'm SHOCKED! I would have thought $40-50.

  3. Love it, but I agree. That's a bit steep--especially as it will be even higher in Canada--if we get it here! :)

  4. The our generation food truck comes with 127 pieces and cost $110. And that truck does more (also, because I like blue better than bright pink, I already like better the look the the our generation truck). The mla truck comes with 42 pieces, and the truck doesn't do much. I think for $10 more the our generation truck is so much better. When I first heard about the mla truck, and I saw it it on their site (the site didn't say how much it cost) I thought it would be about $50- $60. I think after comparing mla to our generation, I think our generation is the better truck.