Friday, September 16, 2016

*Tammy's Travels* Tennessee

Tammy arrived in TN safely!

I noticed that Tammy's right leg was super loose when we moved it and sort of coming out of the joint. It's super swingy. We were putting her in the sitting position and then her leg went all swingy.

 I noticed her legs were a little different when I first pulled her out of the box, but they weren't super swingy until we started messing with them and trying to sit her down and such. That's when I noticed she was wired. I have never seen one with wiring before. It looks like they were trying to make her poseable.

She will be going into surgery at the Broken Doll.


  1. If anyone can make her better, Sheryl, you can. Get well soon Tammy!

  2. Good luck Tammy.Awesome Cheryl. We can't wait to get here.

  3. So glad she made it safely! Get better Tammy! :)

    ginnie /