Saturday, September 17, 2016

*Opening* Surprise Package

Recognize me?

Camille in Las Vegas, NV sent Willa (Willow's cousin) to LADL because the doll community was upset over Willow not being returned. She arrived with ALL of this!

While nothing can replace Willow, it is so touching and wonderful to have Willa as her stand in. Camille thank you so much for this wonderful gift. She is beautiful!

And here's a look at Willa in the AG store before she arrived at LADL! 

Willa won't be traveling because Tammy is the new LADL travel doll. Willa will stay home with her LADL family. 

Tearful opening *VIDEO*


  1. Just like it was a rotten experience to see Willow dollknapped, it is so wonderful to see someone doing something extremely kind and giving. I see people everyday pick up the Giving Tree book and talk about the concept, but this is so much better because Willa is a real gift from not a tree per say, but a real person who cared. This will be my new go to story.

  2. I am so glad she finally arrived.

  3. I have been so upset about what happened to Willow. I haven't been able to get over how someone could betray your trust--and just be downright mean and petty. That makes the arrival of Willa even more heartwarming. Happy ending to a sad story. Thanks, Camille, from all LADL followers!

  4. Camille, you are so kind and thoughtful! I know you touched Rhonda's heart as you did all of us in the doll community! Willa is a beautiful doll!

  5. Awww, Willa is so beautiful! What a special gift! Thank you Camille for being the silver lining in this story.

    ginnie /

  6. Come to my House Willa, You will be well taken care of and sent back on time. You are so cute.

  7. *This* is what it's all about, Dollings (happy sob)

  8. Doll community folks are the best. Such a nice gesture.

  9. Willa is a gift of healing and joy. Thank you, Camille, for this. As a regular follower of LADL, I'd become a huge Willow fan. Willow taught me so much. I'll probably always miss seeing her bright, shiny face. (And do hope that although Willa won't be traveling, that she'll still make regular appearances on this blog!)

    Love and blessings!

  10. This is wonderful! So very touching. <3