Thursday, September 15, 2016

*REVIEW* AG Ultimate Visual Guide - Book

My mom ordered this from B&N for me....

The forward is written by Valerie Tripp.

It does give a brief history of the company.

Basically the images are stock images from past catalogs. If you, like me, save all of your catalogs you will find this a bit disappointing.

If however you do not own ANY catalogs or the older ones, you will love this book!


All in all it is well organized book with feature sections on historical dolls, modern dolls and GOTY. (Just like they do in the catalogs!)

In all honesty I had anticipated something different. Something unique and new. It is a compilation of catalog stock images that any new collector will love and seasoned collectors will enjoy viewing again.


  1. I would have liked lists and photos of the old PC outfits and the older just like me dolls it is nice but I wanted more.

  2. Does it describe the outfits and accessories in historical perspective? Madelon

  3. This is a book for me! By the time of my freshman year in college I came home and found that my parents threw out all the old catalogs. I guess they figured I would not miss them since they had saved all my old dolls and all. They could not have known to have saved them since I did not mention them before leaving. Now this book is just what I need to pick up where I left off now that I never quite got myself to get rid of my old collection of dolls. Kirsten looks great and I love going down memory lane. Hope that they will bring her out of archives especially if fans are voicing it to the CEO...hmmmm. According to the last article about accessibility it worked for Toys R Us fans why not a Kirsten return. Anyway, the book looks great, but a list of past items sold/manufactured or fan photos would've been a nice inclusion. Maybe they will issue a look book for Truly Me items only showing past holiday and popular outfits. Here is hoping.

  4. I actually like it because this means I can get rid of a few catalogs (sans the goty January catalogs, Kit's movie, and a few really old ones). This takes up way less space!

  5. I got this book & it is nice, but it's not what I hoped for. I wanted a book that would show all the items ever made by PC & AG. Agplaythings should make one.

  6. I have heard that this book is more for the target market (little girls) than for adult collectors. That's why the book is not comprehensive and the writing is pretty shallow.

    For those reasons I'm not interested.

    I would LOVE to see a substantial and complete book on AG!!!

  7. Both books page for page the same different covers Costco book $15 other book $25 wish I had bought the Costco one $10 less. The books are for kids to buy now not for adult collectors.

  8. That is so cool. I would like to get one of those sometime! Thank you so much for the review.