Sunday, September 4, 2016

*Reader Photos* Pleasant Company Addy

When I first purchased my Addy doll on eBay, I was nervous. I didn't see the pics of the zip tie until after my winning bid. Then I received her in the mail.

She arrived in a white box with glossy white silhouettes of girls playing.

Next, I checked her head. She has the (c) Pleasant Company and the artist's mark by her right ear. She also has earrings that are not made to be removed. The zip tie on the neck is a little concerning. Her legs are not tight, but her arms are fine. My guess is that perhaps her eyes were replaced. They are in mint condition for a 23 year old doll.

Her eye lashes are long and soft. There are no marks on her face. Her hair is a different texture, but that may be true to her character. Her hands and feet are detailed and she even has dimpled knees. She came with the Addy accessories: a straw bonnet, shell necklace, gourd, and a scarf. She even came with her original paperwork and two books: #1 and #5.

I am totally captivated by her. Eventually I will get her legs tightened and replace the zip tie with a string, but for right now I want to enjoy her.

Sandy Lunsford


  1. That's awesome that you got her, she looks beautiful!

  2. She does look to be in great shape. I still have my daughter's AG girl who is an Asian Today's Girl that came out in 1998. her leg joints are a bit loose, but her hair and eyes are in perfect condition. I am wondering if this has something to do with the fact that her eyes are dark brown like Addy's?