Sunday, September 4, 2016

*Reader Photos* Loving Melody's Collection


We laminated all of Melody's Music Sheets and cut them out to make sure they are never get damaged.

Our Boy Doll from My Life As...., we maned him Lou the Realtor and he handles everything at the Music Studio. I rate it 100 perfect in every way, the Studio's Craftsmanship. Everything about Melody is exquisite and special. The weight of each item is incredible, reminds me of Pleasant Company Quality.


Two 1960 Girls - Hope Faith and Melody..

and American Girl Doll Mom Maxine.


  1. So great to see everyone! Would love to get Melody's recording studio. How is it going? Wishing you the best. Madelon

  2. Love you Madelon. Trying to find a House we love. Trying get closing complete on Ours. Hopefully it is all done soon to enjoy the Holidays......... thank you sooo much for asking. God bless You always. American Girl Doll Play sharing with Hope-Faith is such great Therapy. How are You. Love the Recording Studio for Melody. Hope to build her a nice space in Our new place.