Wednesday, August 10, 2016

*In Store Report* New Releases My Life As....Canada

We were out at Walmart and saw some of the new MLA toys! 

No boy dolls yet though, although my girls and I agree that we must add one to our collection! 

We did see some of the new dolls, the new fuzzy saucer chair (which has a heavy metal frame--looks very sturdy!), the mini dolls (all four kinds) and a few of the new play sets. None of the cool snack truck or treat bicycles yet, and no new fashions, but I figure it's just a matter of time! 

Sadly, the price of fashions has gone up a buck and are now $11 CAN and shoes are now $4 each.

 The saucer chairs look awesome. We totally need one. The only colour we saw was a white one.

The baking set doesn't appear to come with any play food which is too bad. Perhaps a cookie or cupcake is hidden beneath the oven mitt?

It appears that the art set includes real a pack of real paper on the easel.



  1. Im glad the saucer chair is showing up places! Im on the lookout for it

  2. CANADA??? Ok I'm glad for you, BUT it'd be nice if they would stock some of their American stores a bit too!

  3. We are on the lookout for that saucer chair too. We have the boy dolls in our Canadian store as well as the baking set. We saw some adorable fuzzy unicorn, zebra and kitty toques that were new too. In the end, we picked up a very cute back to school set. It has a laptop, a spacious donut backpack, a cell phone, a school folder, a water bottle, a sandwich, and an apple. Everything fits in the backpack easily! :) We love MLA.

    ginnie /

  4. Just went again yesterday for some back-to-school shopping and saw some of the other accessory packs -- the baking, hair stylist, back to school set, living room set, dining room set, school desk---and the boy! Awesome!