Wednesday, August 10, 2016

*FEATURE* A 60s Summer - Hairstyles (Pigtail Ringlets)

Pigtail ringlets. 
This is worn by doll 46. Her hair is naturally curly so it was easy to give her this hairstyle. If you have a curly haired doll then this 1960s look is for you!  Curls were in, unlike today where most people own flat irons. Baby doll curls were in and one way to wear it was two pigtails one on each side. Either use elastics and tie a bow around each one, or use a hair bow clip. (Think Cindy Brady) Either way this style will look great on Melody or any doll.


  1. Ready to support her Olympic team! Cute. Madelon

  2. Thank you! We have to support Team USA in our home. These dolls know where its at :)