Friday, August 26, 2016

*In Store Report* Melody LAUNCH - AGP Orlando

Great reporting Riley! Thank you!


  1. We went to AG Seattle today. They had the two crafts that was at the Orlando store. They didn't have treats, but it is a small store. It was a little crowded with two craft tables. On the way out, I saw the Addy display. It was so sad. All they had in the Seattle store was the glass display, like the one in Riley's picture. On one side was Addy in her meet dress, and the other was Addy in her school outfit.

  2. Totally agree about Addy!!! She is a gorgeous doll with a very important story, and should not be retired. Especially since AG seems to not be able to have more than one DoC at a time. AG needs to have more racial variety in their dolls!

  3. Our store was the same only Addy in meet outfit and school outfit. The purple Sunday outfit was not there. I believe that she will be the next to go. Sharon