Wednesday, August 17, 2016

*FEATURE* A 60's Summer - Melody Hairstyles!

So excited. My Melody doll came and she is so cute. Here she is in a pigtail hairstyle.



  1. Love her long hair! Are they hair pieces or another doll with Melody's face mold or did you have her made that way?

  2. Thanks Linda. It is Melody. I added the Curly Ponytail hair accessories from AG. I just bought two, instead of one with my gift card. I decided back in June to look at everything AG offers in hair from clips, ponytails, braided headbands and bitty twin hair accessories which are still on sale. Once I saw how the ponytails looked on My AG 46 doll I knew I could use them for Melody. I love her original hair, so this is just something to go with her wig and Tish hair salon theme. I will probably get more hair accessories to go with my TM 22 which has blonde hair, that way Melody won't be alone in Tish's salon.

  3. I bought the curly pony tail for my grandfather's McKenna doll. It does not wrap all the way around her original hair. I had wanted it for a 50's pony tail. This looks cute as pigtails. Maybe I will purchase another.

  4. That's supposed to say my granddaughter's McKenna doll.

    1. I hope she loves her new doll. McKenna is very pretty and I heard her wig is excellent. Her hair is very thick so it may not be thin enough to take one ponytail piece. Plus the hair piece has velcro which I wish AG could replace. I don't like the thought of hair and velcro. Not exactly the best combo.

  5. I have the curly ponytail. It's a fun hair piece to put in my dolls hair. I never though about getting another one, and doing pigtails. Next time I go to the shop, or If I shop online, I might buy another one.