Sunday, July 24, 2016

*Reader Photos* JG Doll Rescue

Dunno if this counts as a thrifty find or a rescue or what...but I was at my local consignment store and found this beautiful doll for only three dollars! She has rooted auburn hair with some wave to it, large light green eyes that do not close, and a slim 18" body with a vinyl shoulder plate. 
When I took off her clothes (a rainbow plaid jumpsuit and beret) I discovered her body tags. She is a Journey Girls doll!
Her hair came as a high ponytail stuffed into the beret, but I took it down and brushed out quite a bit of tangles. She also had some minor marks and scuffs on her vinyl face and limbs, but most came off after gentle scrubbing with a warm wet washcloth, to my surprise. 
 There is still a tiny trace of pink lipstick in the corner of her mouth and something white on her left arm, but in my opinion, she cleaned up quite nicely. I was not able to take before photos, I'm sorry. She is Journey Girl Kelsey, but I plan to call this doll Rachel.