Sunday, July 10, 2016

*Reader Photos* AMAZING Thrifty Haul

Linda scored BIG while thrifty shopping!


The periwinkle skort and long-sleeved tee with the flower graphic is called I Like Your Style.  I believe it was the Just Like You Meet Outfit in 2006.  I paid $4.00 for this outfit.  It has some small stains on the skort. Originally it cost $26.00 and came with silver-trimmed boots with a bow in the back, underwear and a ponytail holder.  

The pink skirt is in Kanani's Lu'au Set.  It came with a purple knit halter top, pair of pretent 'uli'uli gourds, head wreath, anklets, and a lei of faux flowers. Cost was $30.00. 

I paid $5.00 for the skirt and the white American Girl blouse.  If anyone knows anything about this blouse, please let me know.

The little school outfit was at Goodwill.  It was $3.99 (not an AG item). It was senior day at GW, so I got the school uniform for $2.80.  They had 14 of them so I bought them all.  Guess next year, the girls will wear uniforms to school.


  1. I believe that that blouse is part of Kirsten's winter skirt and blouse set...? :-)
    Hannah M.

  2. The blouse is from Kirsten's winter outfit :)

  3. Yes, that is Kirsten's winter blouse.

  4. Lucky girl!! Linda that little popcorn machine is adorable I have been trying to find it but no luck here is Atlanta, Ga enjoy your findings.

  5. Thank you so much for the information about the blouse. I have Kirsten and only have her meet outfit and just found part of another outfit. I am so happy to find out that this blouse belongs to her! Diana, I believe you can still buy this popcorn machine new. Google Nostalgic Electric.

  6. Wish I could make such a great find. congratulations! Madelon

  7. Great haul! Don't you love finding wonderful AG items like this especially? They are kind of few and far between - at least where I live and shop. But I have still been fortunate as well. Love the little school uniforms - so fun ^_^!

  8. Thrifty shopping is the absolute best! I love all your finds Linda! :)

    ginnie /