Sunday, July 31, 2016

DOLL ROOM Organizing Tips & Tricks (Video)

LADL receives A LOT of questions on how to handle tough doll space dilemmas. A lot of us are growing out of space for our collections. I live in a modest 3-bedroom home built in the mid 1950s. We have made modern improvements with the typical flooring, appliances and furnishings, but that doesn't really address the issue of "space".

Some of you live in apartments, condos and older homes. I understand it's TRICKY to find space to display your collection.

Below are a few suggestions that may help you get a handle on things. I am actively moving stuff around to make room for Melody, and will be busy doing this right along with you. 

  1. Use bookcases vertical or turned on their sides (horizontal)
  2. Use grandma's hutch or an old entertainment center 
  3. Add shelving as high as 20" below the ceiling
  4. Empty an extra closet or divide off half of a wide closet
  5. Stack 20" x 20" boxes to fill a corner, sandwich a board between levels for stability

As usual, LADL readers would love and appreciate any ideas, photos and tours of what IS and/or HAS worked for you. You can email your photos:


  1. Oh what I wouldn't do for an extra closet. I have doll stuff in every room except the bathrooms. Thanks for the tour and suggestions Rhonda!

  2. I will work this week on emailing you about my storage solution,but your suggestions have also been awesome!

  3. I love the balloons in Sage's space. I am interested in the wall shelves. Spaces are hard to find. Love the tour.

  4. This looks great!I really need some shelves for me,but i dot have my own room and no space for anything else.But Im trying!Great tour!-Sophie