Saturday, June 4, 2016

*TOUR* Julie and Ivy's Room

This space is filled with DIY projects and thrifty finds.

The bed is a DIY.

Ivy is an AG doll.

 Julie is an AG doll.

The washer and dryer is a DIY.

The kitchen set is DIY with lots of thrifty finds.

This is the only AG furniture piece. The food pictured is from Julie's Birthday set. (The VW is parked in another room)
The entire space is 72" wide by 24" in depth.


  1. Oh those avocado green appliances brings back memories! My mom's kitchen still has the avocado green an orange and yellow. Right out of the 70's!

  2. love it! I wish I had an entire room for my dolls!!!

    1. You don't need an entire room....maybe a spare closet or corner. When you can't build out - build UP...shelves or find an entertainment center or hutch. Bookcases....
      Let me know what you work out.

  3. Another great set up, Rhonda! Madelon

  4. I can't say who is my favorite historical but love Julie because we actually have her. I love seeing her world brought to life!