Tuesday, June 21, 2016

*Reader Photos* Shirley Temple - 1972 Ideal

My 1972, 16 inch Ideal  Shirley Temple Doll.



  Backdrop is Samantha's Scenes and Settings, by American Girl, retired.  

The cobalt blue Shirley Temple Mug was my mothers.  As a little girl, she did not like milk and the only way  she would drink milk was if her mother put it in her Shirley Temple mug!  Other than Shirley's picture, there are no other markings on the mug.  My mother is 86 years old, so I know the mug is very old.  


  1. According to history and given your mother's age, she had good reason to not like milk. The industry tried very hard to commercialize milk and we're very successful. That being said, your doll is just lovely and her bloomers are so cute.

  2. Your doll is in great condition. Love the cup. Madelon

  3. I forgot to mention that my Shirley Temple doll belonged to my mother-in-law who is now in heaven, so she's extra special to me!