Monday, June 20, 2016

*Opening* Stand Up and Cheer Dress - Shirley Temple

My Shirley Temple doll needed her original polka dot dress. I found this one on eBay. Fabric is sheer white organdy with red velvet-type flocking for the dots and rayon red ribbons. 

There's a floral bouquet of faux velvet flowers at the waist, a satiny under slip, and a two button closure on the back. Mattel brand.



Oh! So cute!!

Forever America's Sweetheart!


  1. Beautiful! My 1972 Shirley Temple doll really needs a new dress. I have looked everywhere for fabric to match, but to no avail. She also has a black smudge on her nose.

  2. This was a great find on the 2ndary market.

  3. She has great curls! Madelon