Friday, May 20, 2016

*REVIEW* AG Softball Set

As promised here is Kanani in the Softball Set. It is currently on sale and worth every penny.

The helmet is my favorite. It is made from durable plastic and has the iconic AG star and logo. The whole uniform is so bright and sporty. I love these colors for summer and I can almost see Kanani playing for her school team with these cool, tropical, sunset colors.

The ball and bat are plastic, but the ball is well made and has a rubber type feel. The cleats and socks are adorable as well as the two hair accessories you get. The best part is the charm for the former MyAG necklace. The bead matches Kanani's theme perfectly! 

I hope for others who are looking for things for Kanani and other dolls, consider this nine piece set.  It is well worth the price for all that it comes with. 


  1. While looking at this outfit on AGs website I saw that Truly Me doll 46 is no longer available. I wonder if they are using these dolls for Melody with a different wig? This doll is not in stores either just display ones.

  2. Kanani is gorgeous! I love those colours on her! This set looks so cute! :)

    ginnie /

    1. Thank you. I like how the blue is similar to the blue in her original collection. I was really happy about the price and the items are worth every penny.