Thursday, May 19, 2016

*In Store Report* Kit's Collection

Celebrating Kit at AGP. A look at her current collection.



  1. I like the outfit on the mystery book. Has it ever been released?

  2. Kit's mystery book looks good! I hope that they create more items for her Beforever collection. It looks a little bare compared to the older line.

  3. I just love Kit! She is my favourite! We are receiving her in the mail soon, and we are so excited. We found her in used TLC condition, so she will need some love, but we are definitely going to be crafting up a storm for her soon! I have a feeling that I am also going to be sewing up some more dresses! Oh, that reminds me, we are having a giveaway on our blog! :)

    ginnie /

  4. I don't think it has been released, but it would be a great one. Madelon