Wednesday, May 11, 2016

*REVIEW* Abrianna - OG Doll Rescue

Abrianna is one of three dolls that I rescued. She is in used condition! Her denim skirt, tights and shoes are missing.

She has markings and scuffs on her face.

She cleaned up nicely.

She has beautiful skin tone and eyes!

Her hair is thick and lush.

I had an OG denim skirt and purple boots.

I can never just leave a doll behind, she MUST come home with me....


  1. A nice addition to your doll family.

  2. I love her! She was in rough shape, but she cleaned up nearly good as new! I feel like a doll has way more sentimental meaning when she is secondhand. You take her home, care for her, and give her another chance. It kinda makes her really special in my eyes. :)

    ginnie /

  3. I love Abrianna ! I actually have her, but I haven't opened her yet :P
    - Galactic

  4. She looks beautiful!Madelon

  5. A girl after my own heart--rescuing dolls. Love the two you've shown and can't wait to see the third. Well done!

  6. I never find dolls to save! I have two Abriannas (an older one and this one). If I had found this one, she would have become a He for sure. I'm so curious what this mold would perform like as a boy.

    Great job!