Friday, May 13, 2016

Makeover - Marissa Lynne Doll by Laura Ashley (Rescue)


 While thrifty shopping I came across a dress form to make for only 49 cents.  I thought it would be a good photo prop.  My next find was much more exciting.  I found this Laura Ashley doll for $1.99.  

She was in her meet dress with no socks, undies or shoes.  Her hair was a tangled mess.  It took me almost seven hours to comb it out. 

 Her hair is rooted and made of Saran, a form of plastic.  

She has lined brows, sleep eyes with long curled lashes.

She originally cost about $20.00.  She is no longer in production.

She stands 17" tall.

She has a zip tie neck.
There were originally five dolls: Rebecca Louise, a brunette with hazel eyes; Alana Michelle, a darker skin brunette with brown eyes; Corinne Marie had platinum blond hair and aqua eyes, Katherine Alyse had auburn hair and green eyes and Marissa Lynn.

I love the smocking on her dress. 


  1. Great job with the makeover, Linda! I have one of them too that I found in a Trift shop, they are good dolls. Diana

  2. Linda, She is darling! The attention you gave her hair was well worth the trouble.

  3. Thank you both! Dianna, I would love to see pictures of your doll. I have not seen them before.

  4. Thank you Rhonda for the additional information on my "new" doll. It is so nice to know her real name!

  5. She is adorable! I can't believe that you found her for 1.99! That's a steal! She turned out so pretty!

    ginnie /

  6. Great job! Good as new!

  7. You did a really nice job fixing her! Madelon

  8. The clothes made for these dolls are outstanding , very well made great details never will see again. Velcro on all doll clothes now great pity

  9. Thanks for the background on these dolls too Linda - I have two Laura Ashley dolls that i rescued; Katherine Alyse & Marissa Lynn (redhead and a blond). I think they are adorable and fit in well with my story lines ^_^!

  10. I had a question for you, I run an AG doll repair hospital and got a request to tighten an arm on one of these dolls. Do you think it would ruin the doll if I tried to get the head off to do so, seeing as it has a ziptie neck??