Sunday, May 29, 2016

DIY Curls - Doll Hair Care

Darleen is a Play Wonder doll.

One of my rescue dolls with perm boiled curls.

Darleen - the MA City Toys rescued doll makeover (curly hair)

Hey it works on pets too!
- Shosy G


  1. What are perm boiled curls? Could you explain the technique?

    1. Hi there Fawn,
      Yes, perm boiled curls are those that you actually roll on either perm rods or curlers, then you boil your pan or water and remove from the heat. Then you CAREFULLY dip your dolls securely rolled hair in the heated (just boiled/ extremely hot!) water for about 5-10 seconds per side. This is without getting her ears, face or anything you don't want 'melted' wet.
      What you are doing is 'setting' the curls in place by heat really - so they will always be in place, for the most part.
      Next, you carefully set the doll's head on a towel to absorb the moisture. You can leave the doll like this overnight - until the hair is dry to the touch or is at least drip free.
      Gently remove the perm rods or curlers and move your curls into place; set with spray gel if needed. Hope that helps ^_^.
      I can do a video tutorial on this method as well, so you can get a visual - just let me know. Take care.

  2. Yes please explain! I would like to know too! :)

    ginnie /

    1. Hi there - I just replied to Fawn, so you can read it too - but can also send you instructions if needed.
      Thanks for asking - take care ^_^.

  3. From reading many articles on this curling method, and using it too, I recommend one more step. After dipping in the hot water, dip in ice water (with ice cubes added). This immediately sets the curls and prevents any damage from prolonged heat. It works😊. Happy hair care and have a wonderful day.