Thursday, April 7, 2016

*REVIEW* Hispanic Dive Instructor Doll - My Life As...

The Hispanic Dive Instructor doll is adorable.

Her skin tone is tan with subtle coloring on cheeks and lips, feathered brows and caramel brown eyes.

She wears an aqua/yellow t-shirt and swim trunks. Also included are goggles, swim fins and flip flops.

Her hair comes in pigtails.

Once the rooted hair is down it is FULL and lush with shiny waves.

This is her hair fresh out of pigtails. I love the color!

As with all My Life As...dolls she has a cloth lower body with a vinyl upper chest plate and limbs. 

These dolls are $27.97. They're good quality for the price. Sleep eyes, real lashes, lots of hair and cute fashions. I recommend these for starter dolls, they have sturdy poseable bodies and nice hair quality.

Meet Natasha!


  1. I agree with Rhonda this doll is beautiful and has amazing hair. I had been keeping an eye on her and I went and got her. She makes a great friend for Leah. Diana

  2. I bought the same doll a few weeks ago-waiting to inbox her! Madelon

  3. She reminded me of a Brazilian doll-friend for Lea on her trip! Madelon

  4. I love this doll. She is the one I have my eye on --if she would just be made available here in Canada! Haven't seen her on shelves yet!

  5. Nice looking doll. Where do you buy her?

    1. You can but her at walmart.Atleast thats where I have seen the my life as dolls.