Thursday, April 7, 2016

*In Store Report* My Life As....

Two DIVE INSTRUCTOR dolls from My Life As $27.97.

 This My Life As Doll is poseable with a soft torso. She has eyes with long eyelashes, and her eyes open and close. Her hair is rooted and can be brushed and styled. Most 18-inch doll clothing and accessories will fit the My Life As Doll. The PVC surface of the doll can be wiped clean, should she ever get dirty. This My Life As Doll is made of cotton, PVC and poly-blended fabric.

My Life As 18" Dive Instructor, Hispanic.


  1. Loving all of the spring collection, Rhonda! My daughters and I have been ogling the MLA website for months now, just waiting for the new clothes to drop. So many cute outfits--love the watermelon one! And, love all the cupcake and cherry prints! I've purchased a few new things that I'll review and send over for you.

    Love the little picnic set, too--except that it looks like it comes with no food! It would have been nice to have some cookies or fruits in the basket....

  2. Thanks so funny! I went looking at MLA last night for the new outfits. If ours had the swimsuits (my current obsession) at some point, they don't anymore!

  3. Those outfits are all so cute!

    Ellie | The Dolls of 221B

  4. The picnic set it really adorable. I picked it and the garden set up as soon as they showed up in my local store in TN. The picnic set is really worth it; everything fits in the picnic basket, and the dolls can hold the glasses easily. I love that it comes with spoons and forks! My daughter couldn't wait to open this set and have a doll picnic!

  5. The picnic set (and the gardening set)is worth grabbing when you see it. Everything fits into the picnic basket and the dolls are able to hold the glasses. I also like that forks and spoons were included! My daughter couldn't wait to get this open and have a picnic with her dolls and I don't have to worry about more expensive pieces from the AG getting lost outside.