Monday, April 25, 2016

*REVIEW* 2003 Pleasant Company Blond Bitty Twins

I decided to acquire Bitty Twins since hearing the RUMOR that the Bitty Twin line is retiring.

The first Bitty Twins were released 2003 and the pair was a blond boy and a blond girl wearing blue and pink "Moon and Stars" sleepers.

The boy has a closed mouth smile.

The girl has an open mouth and top knot.

Pleasant Company

Both dolls are in very GOOD condition for their age. I knew from the ebay listing that the boy had red marks on his right forearm.

Their hair texture is like new, no dryness.

After cleaning them both with Magic Eraser, the red marks (of course) remained.

Meet Steven and Stephanie. I love these two already! 
I have no AG clothes for them, but will have to scour ebay.

The brunette twins were released in Fall 2004 with reversed mouths. In 2006, Bitty Twins took on a little older look and girls had longer wigs. In 2008 other ethnicity's were introdced: African American, Asian and Latino/Latina. Now it's possible to purchase a single Bitty Twin in store and online for $75.



  1. Very very nice post its all dolls is looking great. All dolls is looking very useful.

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  2. They look adorable! Have you tried Twin Pines of Maine products to clean the doll's arm? They have a very helpful customer service department to direct you to the right product. Madelon

  3. I have heard that sometimes the Twin Pines leave the dolls a bit yellow and it's VERY expensive compared to the peroxide... I have head much success removing black stains on light vinyl with 10% benzoyl peroxide acne medication. Generic is only $5 for a small tube and it lasts forever. A couple of hours out in the sun on a not-too-hot day and that arm should look good as new! Stephenwoodancer has a great video on youtube- I highly recommend it! I have had bad results with the plastic wrap and that bright red may take a few treatments, but it will definitely work!

  4. I love the PC bobbed hair twins the best. I know you will have a lot of fun with the quality and thickness of their wigs.

    I washed Kanani's limbs and hair with hot water from a tea kettle and Woolite using a light colored wash cloth. The dirt came right off and her hair felt softer because Woolite is good for synthetic fibers. Good find on the PC bitty twins. Bitty baby clothing fits well in them too. Congrats!

    1. Oh thank you for that info! I will look for more BB outfits.

  5. But their line JUST got a new outfit! They CAN'T be retiring!

  6. They can, and they did. Goodbye, Bitty Twins and hello WellieWishers. *sigh*
    Rhonda, have you considered making your own clothing for these dolls?

    1. No, I rarely have time to sew anymore. I can always go to etsy :-)